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If you would like any bait for your trip we supply Quality frozen Boilies, pellet and particles. There is always plenty onsite so you can top up at any time during your week and you won't have to worry about how much to bring with you.

We also stock a range of Gardner tackle onsite in case you might run out of anything. 

We can provide everything that you will need to make your stay hassle free, leaving you to relax and enjoy your fishing. 

Bait and tackle price lists can be sent to you on request. 

Tackle tips

Like many Waters at home and abroad our lake is inhabited by Crayfish. This is now becoming a reality for many anglers and new waters are being affected. We have accepted that the lake will always hold them and the best we can do is keep the numbers down as much as possible. There is no doubt that the fish use the Crayfish and as a result have made huge weight gains in very little time. The problem is that hook baits are vulnerable to attack and you can sometimes be fishing with no bait at all. We have owned the lake for over 8 years now and in that time we have gained a lot of information on the best ways to combat the problem and we can give you tips and rig advice to make sure all our anglers are fishing effectively.

Most of the effected areas tend to be in the edges or around the island, this is because they in habit the rocky areas that make up the margins of the lake. As a general rule we would advise you to protect your baits when fishing in these areas or use a particle approach. In this situation I would use a plastic hook baits or even a tiger nut which we do allow in very small quantities. If using Boilies then I would always wrap my baits with shrink wrap, I would recommend the Korda version as it looks very neat once shrunk down. Fishing in open water tends to be less problematic but I would still wrap my baits for your evening fishing when you first start baiting the swim.


I wouldn't ever use soft braided hook links as they tend to get tangled up by the Crayfish. I would also stay away from thin mono hook links as they can get damaged and can lead to a break off. My personal choice would be a stiff coated braid, and I fish this straight through without stripping back or with just a very small nick in the coating to create a hinge. I also use very stiff mono hook links straight through. Bait attachment is very important, if the bait has any movement on the hair then the Crayfish will be able to slide the bait down and remove the hair stop,the bait can then be pulled off the hair. I attach my baits to a sliding ring so there is no movement and I always use this set up with a balanced hook bait. If using a standard hair then tying 2 or 3 overhand knots in the hair just above the bait will create a ball of braid to stop the bait from sliding. You can then bury the stop into the bait to completely stop any movement.

The way in which you bait the swim can make a big difference to how you will be effected by the Crayfish. We always recommend a little and often approach to make sure there is always bait in the swim even if the fishing is slow. When the fish are not on the feed is the time when the Crayfish are more active so the bait in the swim can soon disappear without you knowing and you are then fishing single hook baits. Keep the bait going in and the fish will then get the chance to get on your areas. If using a bait boat then I would still feed the around the area where the boat drops just to spread the bait about a little and not leaving a very concentrated area which leaves your bait vulnerable.


Just remember that we always have someone on site to help you if needed and we stock all the necessary items to assist in fishing the lake effectively.


Richard Worker @ Lac Clement

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