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Carp Stock

The lake contains around 200 Fast growing French Carp. 
The carp have achieved good weight gains since they were introduced and we now have a good head of thirties and forties and a number of good fifties. The biggest fish caught in 2023 was 69lb 8oz. 

The fish make good weight gains every year and we now have even more fish approaching the fifty pound mark that look set to break it for 2019. We continue to feed the fish over the winter to keep the weight up that they gain over the season. They like nothing better than a good quality food bait and this helps the fish to stay fit and healthy. The exciting part for us is seeing the developments every year and when a fish breaks the sixty pound mark it is a special moment.
In addition to the carp stocks the lake also holds a good head of Zander into double figures and a few catfish which could go to around 60 lb. People are more than welcome to fish for the predator as well as the carp.



Commons to over 50lb

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