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At Lac Clement we do not want to impose unnecessary rules, we simply ask that you respect the surroundings and your fellow anglers. All our rules are there for the welfare of the carp and to make sure everyone has a pleasant holiday. 


Micro barbed hooks only, no barbless

No fixed or tethered rigs

3 rod limit

No rods to be left unattended

Fish to be returned as quickly as possible 

No carp sacks 

Minimum 15lb line 

No shelf life boilies

Pellet and particle has to be purchased onsite

No rubbish 

No fires 

Leaders are allowed but rig checks will be made to check that they are safe. 

Leads on a lead clip must be set up to come off, please use another rig if you do not want to lose leads. 

Please bring your own nets. Thank you

Unhooking mats and weigh slings are provided only. 

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